As on 10.38AM IST | 19 Jul, 2024  MCX Lead Price : ₹ 187.8 /KGS
As on 18 Jul 2024  LME Lead Price : US$ 2122.15 /MT
As on 10.38AM IST | 19 Jul, 2024 MCX Lead Price : ₹ 187.8 /KGS
As on 18 Jul 2024 LME Lead Price : US$ 2122.15 /MT


Who we are?

  • IBAIWA represents Maharashtra's Lead Acid Battery and Battery parts manufacturers and traders.
  • IBAIWA works with a variety of institutional, non-governmental, research and civil society partners - as well as with a number of industry associations with related interests.
  • IBAIWA has close relations with Federation of Indian Small Scale Battery Associations, manufacturers and traders, and maintains a dialogue on international issues with many other associations.

What we do?

IBAIWA is a supporter for the battery industry in Maharashtra, representing manufacturers and traders of automobile, inverter, solar, e-rickshaw batteries.
IBAIWA's mission is to:
  • Define and support the common interests and policies of the lead acid battery industry;
  • Engage in dialogue with the Indian institutions and other stakeholders in order to advance understanding of industry-related issues, and to contribute to effective policy and legislation;
  • Act as a portal for expert knowledge on Lead Acid Battery;
  • Communicate the role and importance of the industry, using reliable data and information;
  • Monitor activities that affect the battery industry, cooperating with the other stakeholders involved; and
  • Undertake strategic reflection on the increasingly global challenges of battery and related products.


 First of its kind.


Indian Battery and Accessories Industries Welfare Association (IBAIWA) promotes research and development of batteries and battery products. We also strongly committed to environmental preservation, thus always ready to promote and help for environment friendly recycling, quality and performance improvement, and product safety.

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